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Depending on the project, we offer an hourly rate or a flat rate.

Hourly rates are best utilized under a consulting agreement where we act as consultants or sounding boards for businesses so they can identify and solve potential issues internally with little guidance

Project based pricing is either based on an Agile project management methods or firm fixed pricing.

Agile project management approach which provides working examples of successful progress throughout the program and allows the customer to engage and change direction to the approach with little or no impact to the overall project.

Firm Fixed project management occurs when the customer has clear details on what is required.  This approach allows the customer to understand the overall costs involved however, comes with the caveat that any deviations from the initial quoted effort be run through an engineering change order process which may include additional efforts not initially quoted for.  This method is often used for miltary and aerospace efforts that require specific subject matter expertise against specific delivery and pricing schedules.

Rates are subjective based on project type, regulatory needs, schedule, timeline the 

Our team keeps detailed logs of the time they spend on your project. We maintain practices in line with FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) for time based accounting. 

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