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Titus Innovations Inc. is hired by ARMI (Agile Radio Management Inc.) the parent company to AgileOne www.agile1radio.com. Titus Innovations created strategic business development, technology integration, software development, marketing and product launch services that generated the AgileOne Gazelle and the associated SORAD technology under a contract for hire to ARMI.

It has been the mission of Titus Innovations to provide ARMI with a radio solution that could service the 220-222Mhz band as ARMI owns spectrum in this band that cannot be serviced under current radio technology FCC type certified for the band.  The result of this effort offers a radio unlike any other.  

The last radios available for this band ended production 30years ago.After market analysis and consideration of the challenges to grow a technology presents in a spectrum limited to 5Khz operation Titus Innovations advised ARMI to move forward with a flexible SDR design that would offer the ability to service other spectrum thereby lowering the burden of support required by the 220 market to bare for a custom radio design.  It is through this collaborative effort that the Agile One Gazelle hosting SORAD technology is born.  

The AgileOne Gazelle was built with the intent of interconnecting todays, public and private radio spectrum with cell phone and wifi enabled technology brining additional coverage to those in rural and sparsely populated areas while providing a cost feasible approach to scalability in large urban areas.

Titus Innovations is owned and operated by Kyle and Cece Stanton.


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